Friday, January 6, 2012

Coming Home: Mixed Feelings

As many of you know, I am headed “home” to America in a few days. While I was hoping not to return under these circumstances, I still feel a great deal of eagerness at the thought of seeing my passport country again. Below is a list of things I am looking forward to upon arrival. This list is by no means complete, but it might give you a bit of insight into the person who steps off the plane.
  1. Pavement
  2. Driving faster than 20 mph
  3. Going outside without mace
  4. Restaurants
  5. A winter wardrobe
  6. People who understand my accent and do NOT ask me where I am from
  7. Friends who have known me since “way back”
  8. Children I do not teach or will not teach, and can simply enjoy
  9. Experiencing worship in my heart language and culture
  10. Churches with carpet
  11. Anywhere with carpet
  12. Vanilla chai tea lattes
  13. Cherry coke zero
  14. Looking people in the eye when I speak
  15. Single men :)
  16. Unlimited internet access
  17. Christian radio
  18. Current TV shows, books, music, movies, etc.
  19. Fellowshipping with the American Church
  20. My dear family
Many missionary children and cross-cultural adults often struggle with transitions and all the changes transitions can bring. While they look forward to so much, they also grieve some things they are leaving behind with each move. Here are a few things I will miss…
  1. Walking to work
  2. Teaching
  3. Learning from other cultures and perspectives
  4. Community events
  5. The Ukarumpa family atmosphere
  6. Helping others and letting them help me because “we are all we have”
  7. My cat, and yes, the dogs
  8. Not feeling the need to look in the mirror
  9. Sunny, warm days all year round
  10. Being a part of something bigger than myself
  11. Worshipping with believers from many heart languages and cultures
  12. Having people over for dinner and being invited out many times each week
  13. My Bible study girls
  14. The “For Sale Board” :)
  15. Friends who know what homesickness feels like and what it means to always feel at home
  16.  Hearing first-hand accounts of how a tok ples Bible has changed a community for the first time
  17.  CHEAP second-hand shopping
  18. Being surrounded by so many wonderful, content, and godly single women
  19. My first grade class and watching them grow up
  20. The part of my heart that belongs to Papua New Guinea

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